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Copenhagen GAA has both a men's and a ladies' team. We have players from a variety of different nationalities including Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to come and try out Gaelic football. Each year, we offer our team members a number of awards which you can read about here.

Men's Squad

Below is a list of the current players involved with Copenhagen GAA. 
The club is predominately made up of Irish expats living in Copenhagen, but we also have a few local Danes on the team as well as some expats from Canada, Iceland and Sweden.

Terence Donnelly (Trainer)
Seán Coogan
Simon Cahill
Tony Kennedy
Edmond Lyne
Tom Wynne
Kenneth Grogan
Gerard Hartnett
Mark Hassett
John Lambert
Andrew Rositch
David Connolly

Ladies' Squad

Iben Lundager Koziel Rausgaard
Lotte Jensen
Lærke Hansen
Annika Richmond
Kristina Rynt Larsen
Magda Lyne

Lene Offersen
Christina Tomazos
Gro Nyborg
Lea Kjaergaard
Alexandra Lundager Koziel
Lisa Liberio